WIFT-T|NBC Universal|Telefilm Development Incubator

Today, Emily Weedon and I started the WIFT-T Development Incubator sponsored by NBC Universal and Telefilm Canada.  What a terrific opening day it was to work with Jamie Goetz who read and gave us notes on our script with lots to think about in turning a good script into a great script!  So many things to consider and so many suggestions to wade through.  It’s wonderful to have a seasoned story editor to give us feedback on our project as we move this project into full course press!

Headshot WeedonE

2016 Development Incubator


Nobody’s Home is going to Hollywood!

Nobody’s Home is going to Hollywood!  We are honoured to be in official selection in the 2nd Annual Web Series Festival Global.  We are so stoked to be showcased in August.  Thanks for everyone’s support.  The more support we can get the more likely this series will be made.  Thanks for the ♥♥!



Nobody’s Home: The Web Series

Introducing Nobody’s Home: The Web Series Pilot Pitch!

Come watch and like so we have a chance to be selected to go to series – and tell us what you think!

Starring Amanda Joy, Leah Doz, Chris George and Paula Brancati.

Created by Teresa M. Ho | Developed by Amanda Joy

Directed by Mishann Lau | Written by Amanda Joy | Produced by Teresa M. Ho

Creative Consultant Anne Marie Scheffler | Developed with the assistance of COGECO Program Development Fund



In Post Production

After a whirlwind November and December of production, 100 Dragons is pleased to announce two short films produced by Teresa M. Ho have moved into post production.

BTSLaundryDay-002aPhoto Credit: Eduardo Murillo

Laundry Day is writer Andrew Pope’s directorial debut.  A story about a young woman coming to terms that she needs to make a life-changing choice, stars Amy Keating in the leading role.


Tidal Lock-21Photo Credit: Christopher Batori

Tidal Lock is actor Sean Bell’s directorial debut. A story about a couple’s relationship disintegrating before their eyes, stars Linnea Swan and Sean Bell in the lead roles.

Look for future news as we estimate completion of these shorts in early 2016.

Regent Park Film Festival November 18 -21, 2015

I would love to have my friends and colleagues join me at the Regent Park Film Festival.  This year’s guests are exciting, including colleagues I’ve worked with: Cory Bowles (The Moblees), Clé Bennett (Heroes Reborn), and Dawn Wilkinson (Murdoch Mysteries). I’m looking forward to seeing the films for the pitch festival.  All films are free and the mission of this festival is so inspiring:

Mission: The Regent Park Film Festival is Toronto’s only free-of-charge multi-cultural community film festival, dedicated to showcasing local and international independent works relevant to inner-city communities across Toronto.  We host an annual festival and also hold year-round school and community screenings, workshops and discussions at no cost.

The Festival aims to reach isolated communities throughout Regent Park and beyond, providing a forum for people from all walks of life to engage in critical dialogue on social issues and to enjoy films from all over the world.

So come check out the link to the opening night of the festival, and reserve a seat!  See you there my friends.

Regent Park Film Festival November 18: 7:30 – 9:30


Under The Stars: Movies in The Park is a free outdoor summer screening series hosted by Regent Park Film Festival every Wednesday from July 15 to August 19. We create opportunities to encounter the neighbourhood of Regent Park by bringing together great films and audiences from this community and beyond.

Come check this out on the Facebook page:


The Foodist Monk: Journey for the Sichuan Peppercorn

Journey for the Sichuan Peppercorn (documentary short) – Keith Chen’s passion for food has led him to travel the world discovering tastes, uncovering culinary trends and people’s connections to local food.  His decades of experience understanding edible trends stems from his knowledge of food’s history in each region he explores. He’s not shy to try anything the locals would in pursuit of discovering their passion for food. Keith explores Toronto, searching for the crucial ingredient that makes Sichuan food like no other Chinese food in Canada or China: the Sichuan peppercorn. Wanting to understand the culture and evolution of this key ingredient takes him to his first stop – Chengdu, Sichuan.

Check us out at: http://thefoodistmonk.me/

Raising Phoenix: A teenage girl must learn to harness her fantastical kung fu powers to fulfill a prophecy that threatens to tear her family apart.

Raising Phoenix is a Fantasy Kung Fu feature length film where teenage Phoenix discovers her prophetic past. With her Uncle’s help, she learns to harness her Kung Fu power only to discover he has other plans when she fulfills the prophecy. This is The 36th Chamber of Shaolin meets Harry Potter.