100 Dragons Productions has been supporting the creation of film & television
productions for over 20 years. President, Teresa M. Ho, has been key support
staff for the making of many productions over those years. Her expertise in
finance and business brings a practical tone to the creative forces in producing
quality programming. As the entertainment business continues to change and
evolve, Teresa is adapting and shifting her focus from supporting, to developing
and producing her own screen-based projects.

Teresa launched the newest branch of the company, 100 Dragons Media, in
November 2015 and produced its first short film Laundry Day, directed by
Andrew Pope. With a number of projects in development for Web, TV and
Theatrical release, the goal is to bring them to production utilizing strategic
alliances developed from the years of production servicing under the
umbrella of 100 Dragons Productions. With Teresa spearheading this new
endeavor for the corporations, her knowledge gained over the last two decades
will be instrumental in creating new and innovative screen-based entertainment.

Email us at:

Find us at: Centre for Social Innovation – Annex, 720 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON M5S2R4

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